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Tips to Make Christmas Travel Stress Free

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Before you leave:

If you are travelling in your own vehicle book it in for a service, or make sure you have checked the tyres, battery, belts, fluid, air conditioner and oil. New windscreen wiper blades can also be a blessing when travelling through poor weather.

Travel insurance is relatively cheap these days and can provide peace of mind for things such as lost or stolen luggage, your personal belongings, rental car insurance excess for example. This can be purchased for both domestic and overseas travel.

Are we there yet?

Travel board games, a few toys and good music can help make a long trip much more bearable. Headphones are a great idea and keeping everyone occupied can help reduce distraction of the driver.

Consider packing snacks and drinks and/or a picnic lunch as an option to having to stop at crowded fuel/restaurant stops; no waiting in lines! This can be a great time saver and works out as a much cheaper option.

Share the driving if possible or pull over for a break, don't be tempted to keep driving just to make up time; Keep alert on unfamiliar roads; And properly secure your luggage to ensure it won't become projectiles in the case of sudden braking.

Remember, the travel is only part of your holiday. Once everyone is there safely you can enjoy your break away.

Safe travels this Christmas and New Year.

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