Building your wealth and enhancing your lifestyle

We can provide you with a range of strategies, which can begin with a flexible savings/investment plan and culminate in an extensive diversified retirement portfolio.

Wealth creation involves the careful planning of investments – usually over a long period of time so you can gain both income and capital appreciation.

The construction of a robust investment portfolio is integral to wealth accumulation and management. A&B Financial Planning can help you build a portfolio designed to maximise the chance of achieving your goals.



Saving for retirement

The use of the appropriate superannuation fund and level of contributions made can reflect directly on the amount of wealth built and the standard of lifestyle achieved in retirement.

At A&B Financial Planning we are able to advise on a full range of options from Australia’s largest industry fund to the use of one’s own self managed superannuation fund (SMSF).

We pride ourselves on the use of innovative strategies that are used to maximise outcomes.



Protection for you and your family

Wealth protection is about giving you the freedom to enjoy your life. Your financial plan is only as good as the strategies put in place to protect it. 

Maintaining your family's lifestyle and financial wellbeing in the event of death, disability or critical illness is the aim of A&B Financial Planning’s insurance recommendations. 

Advice includes the amount of cover and the ownership and beneficiary structures required for tax and estate planning purposes. We have no ties to any particular insurance provider and recommend what is most suitable from a very extensive range of insurers.



Strategies to achieve your best possible retirement

There comes a time in your life when you want the assets you've accumulated to provide you with an ongoing income stream and the freedom to stop working. Careful planning is required to help you achieve your desired retirement lifestyle.

We can help you put superannuation and non-superannuation strategies into place over time, while assisting you with the most appropriate income streams into retirement.

Our strategies also aim to maximise your Government entitlements through Centrelink and Department of Veterans’ Affairs.



Planning for the distribution of your estate

Estate Planning is more than making a Will. It involves setting up your estate to ensure that your assets (such as superannuation) are passed onto the right people, using tax-effective measures.

It can also include Powers of Attorney and Guardianship, which can allow other people (nominated by you) to act for you in the event you were injured or disabled.

We generally provide recommendations for you to discuss with your other professional advisers, or liaise directly with your Accountant & Solicitor to ensure your wishes are met in the best possible way.


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